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Kotiranta & Co Attorneys is one of Finland’s most accomplished and well-known law firms. We have more than 20 years of experience in litigating complex financial crime cases, commercial disputes and different kinds of liability claims in general courts and arbitration proceedings and solving a range of other challenging legal problems.

We defend our clients’ interests relentlessly.

Our clients include publicly listed Finnish and international corporations and their executives as well as shareholders, venture capitals and other investors, entrepreneurs, public bodies and other organisations. We also handle complex legal issues for private individuals.  

We have offices in Helsinki and Rovaniemi in Finland.

‘Exceptionally hardworking, great
personal capabilities to deep dive and
find arguments to support the case.‘

The Legal 500 Europe
Middle-East & Afrika Dispute Resolution 2020



Securities market offences and other complex financial crime cases

We specialise in securities market offences and other complex financial crime cases. We have defended our clients against claims ranging from insider trading to information offences and market manipulation at all levels of the court system. We also regularly represent both plaintiffs and defendants in other kinds of business-related financial crime cases. We are especially experienced in tax evasion and accounting offences, debtor dishonesty, money laundering, fraud and embezzlement, environmental crime and limited liability company offences.

Commercial disputes

We litigate a range of commercial disputes in general courts. We specialise in court cases dealing with business-related claims for damages and liability as well as disputes concerning mergers, acquisitions and financing. We also handle labour law disputes. We prepare opinions on legal issues to be settled before a case goes to trial. We also provide expert advice on various procedural and legal aspects of disputes.

Arbitration proceedings

We handle litigation and represent our clients in arbitration proceedings conducted in accordance with the rules of the Arbitration Institute of the Finland Chamber of Commerce and the Finnish Arbitration Act.

Legal advice for businesses and organisations

We attend to various kinds of corporate law assignments, including medium-sized mergers and acquisitions, and take care of our clients’ financing and venture capital arrangements. We provide legal opinions on various corporate law issues.

Advice on securities market law

We advise our clients on a comprehensive range of securities market law issues. We specialise in the legal side of takeover bidding procedures and the corporate communication process of publicly listed companies as well as insider management. We issue legal opinions to listed companies, their executives and shareholders on the content and application of the Finnish Securities Markets Act.

Freedom of expression and of the press

We have significant experience and expertise in handling cases involving the freedom of expression and of the press and providing legal advice on these issues. We litigate freedom-of-expression and freedom-of-the-press cases on behalf of publishers, editors and journalists as well as public figures. We also provide legal advice on a range of issues relating to the freedom of expression and of the press.

Legal issues of private individuals

We provide a high standard of legal services to private individuals. Most of our private clients come to us through our Rovaniemi office.



Kotiranta & Co Attorneys was established in 2010 by Dr Kai Kotiranta. Dr Kotiranta previously served as a partner and the head of the Dispute Resolution and Insolvency group at one of Finland’s most prominent law firms.  Dr Kotiranta has been practising law for more than 20 years, and he was admitted to the Finnish Bar in 2001. Kotiranta received his doctorate in law in 2014. He wrote his doctoral thesis in criminal law on the emergence of inside information.

Dr Kotiranta is one of the most experienced and well-known litigators of criminal and civil law in Finnish courts. He is known for his successful handling of numerous high-profile trials and for his way of defending his clients’ interests in the courtroom.

Dr Kotiranta specialises in cases involving securities markets and financial crime, commercial disputes, corporate law and liability as well as providing legal advice. He is a member of the Finnish Bar Association, the Association of Finnish Lawyers, the Law Society of Finland and several other Finnish lawyers’ associations and organisations as well as international organisations such as the International Bar Association and the European Criminal Bar Association. Dr Kotiranta serves on the Finnish Bar Association’s Disciplinary Board and as a professor of practice in financial crime law at the University of Lapland’s Faculty of Law.


‘Best recognised for representing
clients in white-collar crime cases.’

Chambers and Partners
Dispute Resolution 2020

‘He is very well known for his expertise
and equally good communicator
really cares for his clients.’

The Legal 500
Europe, Middle-East & Africa
Dispute Resolution 2020

‘He applies a human touch to the work
he’s doing.’

Chambers and Partners Europe
Dispute Resolution 2015

‘Very fast, sharp and to the point’.
... Kai Kotiranta is highly recommended.

The Legal 500
Europe, Middle-East & Africa
Dispute Resolution 2017



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Kotiranta & Co Asianajotoimisto
Kotiranta & Co Attorneys
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Kotiranta & Co Asianajotoimisto
Kotiranta & Co Attorneys
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