For students

The application period for the 1.1. – 31.5.2024 internship program is now open.

The application cycle starts on the 29.11. at 8am and closes on the 13.12.2023 at 16. The interviews and choices are decided by the 20.12.2023. The internship starts on the 1.1.2024 and ends on the 31.5.2024. One (1) student is chosen for this internship period.


During the internship program, the interns will get acquainted with advocacy in practice and the regulations of advocacy and how criminal matters and litigation are handled. In addition to doing the work tasks, the internship includes familiarization with some written material supporting the content of the internship program. The internship program may include working at the Helsinki office as well. The internship program can be accepted as a study internship (ONVAL9997 or OTMVAL9997). Including the internship program as a part of one’s studies must be agreed with the faculty as stated in the study guide.   

We offer a vantage point in an experienced and well-known law firm, as well as the opportunity to participate in working on solving interesting legal problems. The work tasks can be adapted to complete the studies at the same time. An intern’s worktime is on average six (6) hours a day every second day, meaning around 60 hours a month. The work times are agreed upon separately with the intern. The intern will be paid an hourly wage according to the recommendation of the Bar Association.   

Send in your application during the opening of the application cycle by email to the person in charge of our training program attorney Reetamaria Ylitalo ( The email should be titled “[Last Name] job application” and it should contain 1) a free-form pictorial application written in good Finnish and not exceeding two (2) pages in pdf format and 2) an up-to-date transcript of records. A CV can be added to the application if desired. Some of the applicants will be contacted for an individual interview.   

The applicant choices are based on overall assessment, with particular emphasis on application, study orientation, academic success, and the personal interview. Applications sent in after the application time has ended will not be regarded. Applications from non-selected students will not be considered in subsequent application rounds but must be re-entered.

For more information about the internship programme, please contact
Reetamaria Ylitalo, attorney
040 777 9036